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Managed Solutions

If your business needs a customize solution, we're available to craft high-level managed solutions for all of your projects.

Managed Cluster Solutions

When it comes to building a strong hosting architecture Serverel starts off with a budget conscious platform for managing web clusters. We have everything from load balancing and your data replication. We customize your web clusters, optimize storage solutions, mirrored database servers to validate your concerns. No second guessing here, we make sure things run in tip top condition.[Request Quotes]

Managed Storage Solutions

You have your idea of storage figured out, but how will you get your theory into practice? By allowing us to build you a customized storage solution to satisfy your company's desires.

 Drive failure becomes less of a concern with us when you have us configure your storage solution with automatic hot spares. We also have our own drive monitoring software that notifies us when there's trouble. Whatever your company's needs are, we will be there to create a storage solution that's right for you. [Request Quotes]

Managed Database Solutions

 Serverel knows full well that our managed database services have to meet the speed and power that your queries might demand. Utilizing Serverel for the managed database services, load balancing for the database systems hitting 32GB of RAM, 15k disks, and 8 processor cores makes light speed look slow in comparison. We walk with you through the configuration to ensure optimum service and performance. Add to that, automatic redundancy with fail over just in case of failures. 

Managed Database Services Include:

  • Flexible database licensing as you need it
  • Installation Services
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Performance tuning and optimization consulting
  • Scalability Planning
  • installation of phpMyAdmin
  • Configuration of MySQL replication or advanced installation options
  • MySQL Server performance analysis and optimization
  • Initial overall environment assessment (complete database server analysis, including MySQL and operating system)
  • MySQL Server performance and resource utilization trending using MySQL Activity Report
  • Analysis of slow queries
  • Query optimization and proper indexing
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Load Balancing Solutions

For you the customer who needs more than a single server Serverel can bring out the big guns for your load balancing priorities. Using top heuristic methods and procedures to reroute the abundance of your traffic to the servers that are freed up to handle it. Our hardware and configurations make sure the load balance is directed in the proper way not conflicting with software and hardware for top reliability and uptime. We don't fool around when it comes to big traffic.[Request Quotes]

Managed Backup

Our backup procedures ensure that should the unthinkable occur and a failure take place, your data is safe. Via our cascading backup system we provide you with the option of rolling back to earlier versions of your data for example. Your files are important and we know you need pro-level data storage and backups just in case. Serverel is here for you, your data, and your peace of mind. [Request Quotes]