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Dedicated Serversserver co-location

Managed VPS/VDS

With Quad Xeon servers implementing OpenVZ and Xen technology, our VPS/VDS servers are ready to work for you.

Virtual Private Server #1

CPU 15 % of core
Virtualization OpenVZ
HDD 20 Gb
RAM 384Mb (max. 768Mb)
Bandwidth 200 Gb/mo (overusage: $0.1/GB)
IP 2 ($1 per additional IP)
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Virtual Private Server #2

CPU 25 % of core
Virtualization OpenVZ
HDD 30 Gb
RAM 512Mb (max. 1024Mb)
Bandwidth 500 Gb/mo (overusage: $0.1/GB)
IP 2 ($1 per additional IP)
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Virtual Private Server #3

CPU 100% of core
Virtualization OpenVZ
HDD 50 Gb
RAM 1538Mb (max. 3076Mb)
Bandwidth 1000 Gb/mo (overusage: $0.1/GB)
IP 2 ($1 per additional IP)
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**If you want to upgrade VPS resources, please contact our sales department.

Network Connectivity and Bandwidth measurement

Serverel posesses multi-gigabit, multi-homeed fully redundant connectivity to the internet. We're connected over gigabit fibers to Level 3, Savvis, Hurrican Electric, and Cogent. We're talking speed here. Each Client/Customer gets 100 mbps or gigabit ehternet port on private vlan. With this kind of speed and reliability you're assured of the fastest and robust levels of service.  

Control Panels

Serverel employs the popular cPanel that is a graphical web-based control panel for managing one's website. It's bright and easy interface makes webmastering a joy. A proprietary software from the cPanel Inc. For the beginner it's a fun and entertaining software addition and for the seasoned professional it's a must have application. Full of great features that cover a wide variety of webmastering tools and resources.  

DirectAdmin is another graphical web-based web hosting control panel. We support DirectAdmin and CPanel control panels for the servers. DirectAdmin costs $99 one-time fee. CPanel - $35/month.

OS choices

 Serverel also has OS choices such as Linux. Being a favorite and growing everyday OS it's the preeminent open source OS. Supported by the mega corporations such as Novell, Red Hat, sun Microsystems, Dell, Hewlett Pakard, and IBM it's used as an OS. Free BSD is another Unix type of free OS from AT&T. Add to that Serverel supports Windos Server 2003.  Serverel will install any of the compatible OS software you'll need including custom built OSes as well. That may take a wee bit longer and require exact and precise instructions.